DesignKLYK 2011 @ Graphite Gallery

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Opening nightClawfoot tub in Porcelain by Kenjiro YamakawaDesigned for production

Opening Night - design week 2011Designed by Kenjiro Yamakawa of DesignKLYKKenjiro Yamakawa and Loren Kulesus gallery openingresin, glass fiberSkateboard by Loren Kulesus in fiberglassthis chair is no slouch.... wait a minute... it actually is.
Thank you for attending our Design Week 2011 event!  

Showcase 2011

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DesignKLYK unveils new designs during New York Design Week 2011


Brooklyn, NY 04/19/2011


DesignKLYK is pleased to announce “DesignKLYK: New Collections 2011”, opening from May 14th  to 17th, 2011 at graphite. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

DesignKLYK is a design collective of two Brooklyn based designers, Kenjiro Yamakawa and Loren Kulesus. The design collective has debuted innovative furniture designs at ICFF 2010. This year, we have an off-site showcase at our home field. We are going to unveil new designs during New York Design Week, along with the works from last year.


Exhibition Details

“DesignKLYK: New Collections 2011”

Design Showcase by DesignKLYK

May 14th – 17th, 2011

Opening Reception: Sunday, May 15th, 4 – 10PM


About Kenjiro Yamakawa

Kenjiro Yamakawa is a designer/fabricator whose interests range from small product design to interior design.  His work displays a deep understanding of the process of product design and a rare ability to translate that understanding into radiant new works. Kenjiro’s solid hands-on experience and knowledge with materials brings innovative design ideas to his own pieces that cannot be achieved through merely on-paper/on-computer design methods.


About Loren Kulesus

Loren Kulesus is a designer based in Brooklyn, NY. Over the past 10 years he has worked in advertising, automotive, branding, personal electronics, furniture, interactive, and product design.  He is interested in new design paradigms and manufacturing techniques, such as CNC machining and lasercutting.


About DesignKLYK

DesignKLYK has experience in architectural, automotive, branding, electronics, furniture, and product design, and is therefore capable of a wide variety of output.  Kenjiro has extensive experience with a solid hands-on approach to design and manufacturing while Loren uses a digital process and outputs via CNC machines; the two different approaches compose a well-rounded design collective.



201 5th Ave #2

Brooklyn, NY 11217 (Kenjiro Yamakawa) (Loren Kulesus)



About graphite.

A new and innovative form of art space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, graphite. is a place for the audience to come see, hear, feel, and enjoy what’s been created. Most importantly, graphite. is a place where we can come paint just a little bit of our future together.



38 Marcy Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11211 (Shinya Nakamura)

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ICFF 2010

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