Kenjiro Yamakawa

Kenjiro Yamakawa is a designer/fabricator whose interests range from small product design to interior design.  His work displays a deep understanding of the process of product design and a rare ability to translate that understanding into radiant new works.

Kenjiro was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.  After spending 2 years in college in Japan, he decided to move to New York to pursue his design career.  He studied product design at Parsons School of Design and  graduated in 2003.  After completing the program from Parsons he moved on to a furniture production studio where he produced custom designed furniture pieces, which helped him polish off his skills.  He produced a number of custom furniture pieces as well as interior spaces for New York’s top restaurants, retail stores, and residential spaces.  These works were featured in various media including the New York Times, New York Magazine, and TimeOut New York.

Kenjiro has also worked for a major architectural firm in New York City.  He worked on the fabrication of architectural models for major projects of the firm including a  master plan for a power station in London, many hospitals/institutional buildings across the states, new developments in the Middle Eastern countries and many others.  He has also served as a prototype developer at a branding firm, working with major clients such a s Chrysler and Pepsi.  As the prototype developer for the firm,  Kenjiro produced extraordinarily innovative, award-winning, and often published examples of his unique ability to design three-dimensional models and prototypes.

With clean aesthetics influenced from his Japanese cultural background,  Kenjiro’s solid hands-on experience and knowledge with materials brings innovative design ideas to his own pieces that cannot be achieved through merely on-paper/on-computer design methods.

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